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New Premier Collection - Unique "Stone Tone" Guitar Pick Designs

Using a high quality genuine 4mm leather cord with a solid clasp these pieces are designed for anybody looking for that "little bit extra special" piece of jewellery!

"Stone Tone" guitar picks or plectrums depending on where you hail from are crafted using reconstrituted stone mixed with resin. The picks are polished smooth to give them a warm clean tone if you are using them as a pick or plectrum!!

The picks are 2.5mm thick chamfering down to a playing tip of 0.7mm thick.

Chrissie C sourced these picks and we have crafted them into unique chokers which you can tailor your style and design so you are "ultra unique"!!

STEP 1: Choose your pick design from our range of " Bloody Basin" or "Malachite"

STEP 2:  Decide if you want your choker "Classic" or "Classic Plus" which we add 2 spacer silver beads for a more dynamic look!

STEP 3: Decide which length you prefer.  We generally advise the fellas prefer 48cm or 52cm whilst our ladies or those with a smaller neck tend to opt for the 45cm.

STEP 4: Rush your order over to us and let us craft up your choker! (please allow 48 hours for the crafting process before despatch) Your choker will then be prepared with care and gift wrapped in a black velvet pouch. -