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Ukelele Pin Badge



Ukelele Pin Badge

Fabulous replica of the ukelele that you can wear with pride on your shirt, dress, jacket, tie, hat, scarf - anywhere you can pin!!

The Ukelele (Hawaiian ukulele ) is a plucked string instrument used as the main instrument in the music of the Hawaiian , Tahiti and Easter Island  originally had five strings. It is an adaptation of the Portugese Cavaquinho  created in the 1880s in Hawaii by Portugese immigrants . Later it spread through French Polynesia and East Island  with a more rustic carving, giving rise to the Tahitian or Polynesian ukulele . In the Polynesia there were no stringed instruments before the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, respectively, the ukulele being a recent instrument in this culture. The Ukelele is a member of the lute family of instruments.

Your  Ukelele pin badge is approx 3.9cm and will come in a gift pouch.

Pins are crafted in a soft enamel and baked hard with a nickel plating.

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