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Music Ring - Tungsten and Ceramic Combination Ring - Feels like Velvet!



Music Ring - Tungsten and Ceramic Combination Ring - Feels like Velvet!

Chrissie C has designed and created a unisex combination ring combining 2 wonderful materials for jewellery!.....Tungsten and Ceramic!

The outer part of the ring is a black ceramic with a bevelled edge and the inner part of the ring is a natural tungsten.  Music notes are etched into the tungsten and these notes are from the infamous John Miles hit single "Music".  The actual notes represent the part of the score "Music was my first love and it will be my last"

The importance of these notes to Chrissie C are the fact that her life has been totally inspired by music from a very young age.

Recently hitched to musician Ray Davies in May 2017, these rings were designed to share their joint musical passion and to wear as their own personal wedding bands.

The rings feel like velvet when slipped onto the finger and the band is a 10mm width and available in sizes US 6 - US 11.

Etched very delicately into the inner ring is "Chrissie C Jewellery" and "Tungsten Carbide".




Tungsten Carbide is the hardest of all metals. Tungsten is Ten times harder than Gold, Five times harder than Stainless Steel, Four times harder than Titanium. It combines extreme strength and durability which makes Tungsten Bands a perfect symbol of unity, commitment and integrity. Tungsten Wedding Bands are highly resistant to scratching and durable enough to keep their luster for a lifetime. Tungsten Rings are much heavier than Ceramic Bands, Cobalt Bands and Titanium Bands.

Tungsten Wedding Bands have a light grey color .Discover for yourself the unique and masculine qualities of Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band



Durability is an important aspect of rings which needs to be looked at. Metals like platinum and stainless steel are quite durable but carbide ceramics are more durable than these metals. When rating the hardness of compounds on the Mohs Scale of Hardness with 10 being the hardest compound carbide ceramics are rated at 9. The strength of these ceramics makes them highly scratch resistant. Other damage that these rings are resistant of include staining and dents. Ideal if you engage in manual work where you can end up scratching rings!

One of the biggest benefits to ceramic rings is the fact that they are hypoallergenic. Chances are you know someone with a skin allergy who can’t wear certain metals. Whether it’s psoriasis or just ultra-sensitive skin, certain metals may cause them to break out in an itchy rash. Thankfully, however, this isn’t a problem with ceramic rings. Since ceramic is a non-metallic substance, it doesn’t cause any issues with people suffering from skin allergies. You can wear rings, necklaces, watches and any other type of ceramic jewelry without worrying about it breaking your skin out.


Durability - Durability supplies an additional reason to purchase ceramic rings. Worn daily, wedding rings need to withstand hits, nicks, repeated immersion in water, and other indignities. Ceramic rings meet this challenge excellently. They resist scratches and dents, remaining unmarred and retaining their original gleam.

Lightweight - Their relatively light weight presents another advantage. Compared with rings devised of different metals, ceramic rings are noticeably lighter, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This characteristic also makes ceramic rings less likely to leave marks or indentations on the finger.

Hypoallergenic - While metal rings often cause allergic reactions, ceramic rings are hypoallergenic. It is nickel within metal rings that causes them to produce finger discoloration, rashes, and other irritations. As nickel is not present in ceramic rings, these allergies don't occur when wearing them.

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