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Backing Tracks

As a Musician over the years life has gotten easier to use backing tracks.

I recall (OK so i am old!!) ....

I spent most of my early life from the age of 16 in punk, rock and reggae bands! 


My first gig as a duo format was 24 years ago and bizarre this duo is still gigging regularly so a test of time!

We used a cassette player on stage!

As life progressed we migrated to mini disc and finally computers and ipads.

Our songs in the early days were programmed by musicians costing us around £100 per track and lyrics were sought by listening to the song and manually writing them out!

WOW - life is definitely much easier these days!

Karaoke version is an awesome platform where you can customise your tracks and the finished versions are tailored to your requirements,,,,maybe you are a guitaist so just leave the guitat parts out and play along to the backing track.

Enjoy the tracks and as i always say "Keep Music Live"!

Karaoke Version

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