Music  Jewellery Online Is Secure and Safe

December 18, 2018

Music  Jewellery Online Is Secure and Safe

Music Jewellery Online Secure & Safe. Sadly, the internet is full of websites that are either fake, fraudulent or a scam. It’s a sad fact of life. Here at Music Jewellery Online, we have taken steps to ensure your experience with us is secure and safe, so Music Jewellery Online Secure & Safe

You see, the evolution of the internet has brought with it a number of extremely convenient advances in the way we shop, bank, and interact with the world around us.

At the same time, that evolution has also given way to new risks—and new avenues for criminals to rip off the unsuspecting.

In 2018 Cybercrime will be a $1.5 trillion industry. Really, what it all boils down to is fraud. These hackers and cyber criminals are little more than new age con men. And the con game is as old as time itself—people have literally been tricking one another since the beginning of time. And in the same vein as ancient mystics and old-fashioned snake oil salesmen, these con-men are after one thing: your money.

Nowadays their tactics tend to involve phishing. Lots and lots of phishing.

What is Phishing?Music Jewellery Online Secure & Safe

Phishing is a type of online fraud.  Phishing involves getting an individual or organisation to disclose sensitive, sometimes compromising information, under false pretences that have been expertly manufactured by the attackers. Tailoring your phishing attack to your target is sometimes called spearphishing, it’s a form of social engineering.  How  to Determine if a Website is Fake, Fraudulent, or a Scam

How to determine if a website is fake- Music Jewellery Online Secure & Safe

1.) Pay Close Attention to the URL You would be absolutely shocked how many people pay little to no attention to the address bar of their browser. This is a huge mistake. The address bar contains a ton of vital information about where you are and how secure you are there. So get into the habit of occasionally glancing up there whenever you visit a new page. In fact, most of the browsers abide a concept called the Line of Death. The idea is that a user should never trust anything below a certain point on the browser, the so-called line of death. An attacker can control everything below the line (and even some things above it) so you have to know where to look for reliable information. .

You want to look for the  following indicators: The Padlock Icon which you will see in "" shows we have paid close attention to your safety. We have a secure connection for your protection so remember Music Jewellery Online Secure & Safe

Checking Out With Our Store

When you check out, we use third party options such as paypal or stripe for your payment. This means we never see your credit card information and you can shop securely knowing your cards and information are totally safe and private. Music Jewellery Online is secure and safe

 Find us On Etsy and Ebay

You will also see "Music Jewellery Online" on credible platforms such as Etsy and Ebay

Your safety and your shopping experience with Music Jewellery is hugely important to us and we value your custom. Music Jewellery Online is secure and safe

Enjoy your shopping experience with us in the knowledge that  Music Jewellery online Shop is safe

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Please do refer to the Online Safety information Taken from the Money Advice Service.



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